Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP)

Research Articles using the AZFP

A.Slonimer et al. 2023 - Classification of Herring, Salmon, and Bubbles in Multifrequency Echograms Using U-Net Neural Networks (IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Vol 48, Issue 4. October 2023) 

S. Gonzalez et al. 2023 - Temporal dynamics and environmental drivers of polar cod (Boreogadus saida) densities in the northeast Chukchi Sea (Polar Biology 66, 573–588, 2023)

S.Sandy et al. 2022 - Automating the Acoustic Detection and Characterization of Sea Ice and Surface Waves (J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 2022, 10, 1577)

R, Bowen, 2022Studying Cyanobacterial Blooms, Nutrients and Oxygen in a Phosphorus-Rich Lake (Environmental Science and Engineering Vol. 35 No.1, 2022)

A. Slonimer et al. 2022 -Classification of Herring, Salmon and Bubbles in Multifrequency Echograms with a U-Net Neural Network (Video presentation for the Ocean Sciences Meeting, OSM 2022) Poster (PDF)

S.Pearce, 2022Bioacoustic Monitoring of Arctic Cod and Zooplankton in the Canadian Beaufort Sea (Video presentation for the Ocean Sciences Meeting, OSM 2022)

S. Gonzalez 2021 - Multi‑scale temporal variability in biological‑physical associations in the NE Chukchi Sea (Polar Biology, 2021)

C. Reiss et al. 2021 - Glider-Based Estimates of Meso-Zooplankton Biomass Density: A Fisheries Case Study on Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) Around the Northern Antarctic Peninsula (Frontiers in Marine Science March, 2021)


J. Berge et al. 2020 - Artificial light during the polar night disrupts Arctic fish and zooplankton behaviour down to 200 m depth (Communications Biology 3 article 102, 2020)

C. Scherelis et al. 2020 -  Dataset for concurrent echosounder and ADCP measurements at a tidal energy candidate site in Australia (Elsevier, Science Direct, Data in Brief, 31, 2020, 105873)


C. Hauri et al. 2018 - From sea ice to seals: a moored marine ecosystem observatory in the Arctic (Ocean Sci 14, 1423-1433, 2018)

T. Mudge et al, 2018 - MUD, A New Acoustic Echosounder for Sediment Monitoring (WEDA 2018)

E. Loos et al. 2018 - Acoustic Detection of Oil in the Water Column (AMOP 2018 poster)

R. Chave et al. 2018 - Adapting Multi-Frequency Echo-sounders for Operation on Autonomous Vehicles (Oceans 2018)

C. Lembke et al. 2018Using Three Acoustic Technologies on Underwater Gliders to Survey Fish (MTS Society Journal 2018 Vol 52, No. 6)

M. Ludvigsen et al. 2018 -Use of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle reveals small-scale diel vertical migrations of zooplankton and susceptibility to light pollution under low solar irradiance (Science Advances 2018)

D. Lemon et al. 2018 - Acoustic Detection of Subsurface Oil (ASL white paper December 2018)


C. Taylor et al. 2017 - Echosounder for Biological Surveys Using Ocean Gliders (Sea Technology July 2017)

K. Sawada et al. 2017 - Comparison of zooplankton density estimated by acoustic inversion method and net sampling (The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America Nov, 2016 - Abstract only)

J. Berge et al. 2017 - Unexpected Levels of Biological Activity during the Polar Night Offer New Perspectives on a Warming Arctic (Current Biology Report 2017)

G. Darnis et al. 2017 - From polar night to midnight sun: Diel vertical migration, metabolism and biogeochemical role of zooplankton in a high Arctic fjord (Kongsfjorden, Svalbard) (Limnology and Oceanography 2017)

S. Vagle et al. 2017 - High-frequency multi-frequency acoustical backscatter observations from a small moving vessel used to investigate fish-zooplankton interactions in tidally mixed Sansum Narrows, British Columbia (Poster presented at ASLO 2017)

M.  Kitamura et al. 2017 - Seasonal dynamics of zooplankton in the southern Chukchi Sea revealed from acoustic backscattering strength (Continental Shelf Research 133 (2017) 47–58)


E. Masunaga et al. 2016 - Strong turbulent mixing induced by internal bores interacting with internal tide-driven vertically sheared flow
(Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, doi:10.1002/2016GL067812)

K. Tsujii et al. 2016 - The migration of fin whales into the southern Chukchi Sea as monitored with passive acoustics (ICES Journal of Marine Science 2016)


B. Stauffer et al. 2015 - Cold Regime Interannual Variability of Primary and Secondary Producer Community Composition in the Southeastern Bering Sea (PLOS ONE 2015)

J. Nelson et al. 2015 - Use of a high resolution multi-frequency acoustic instrument for estimation of zooplankton biomass and characterization of vertical ecosystem structure in the N Bering and Chukchi seas. (ICES 2015)

R. Chave et al. 2015 - Near real-time transmission of reduced data from a moored multi-frequency sonar by low bandwidth telemetry (Oceans 2015)


H. Lee et al. 2014 - Acoustic Monitoring of Fish Activity around an Artificial Reef in South Sea, Korea (Proceedings of Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics, Vol 35, pp. 349-350, 2014)

G. Melvin et al. 2014 - Investigation of the Vertical Distribution, Movement and Abundance of Fish in the Vicinity of Proposed Tidal Power Energy Conversion Devices (OEER/OETR Research Project 2014)

J. Miksis-Olds et al. 2014 - Environmental Predictors of Ice Seal Presence in the Bering Sea (PLOS ONE 2014)

M. Sato et al. 2014 - Second-order seasonal variability in diel vertical migration timing of euphausiids in a coastal inlet (Abstract only 2014)

M. Sato et al. 2014 - Inter- and intra-annual variability of zooplankton abundance in Saanich Inlet, B.C. (OSM conference poster 2014)

D. Lemon et al. 2014 - Low Power Multi-Frequency Sonar for Near Real Time Long-Term Observations of Volume Backscatter(ASLO poster 2014)


D. Lemon et al. 2013 - Long-term continuous observations of zooplankton and fish from cabled ocean network (CoastGIS poster paper 2013)


J. Sevadjan et al. 2012 - Shoreward advection of phytoplankton and vertical re-distribution of zooplankton by episodic near-bottom water pulses on an insular shelf: Oahu, Hawaii (Continental Shelf Research 50–51 2012 Abstract only)

D. Lemon et al. 2012 -Multiple-frequency moored sonar for continuous observations of Zooplankton and fish (Oceans 2012)


R. Thomson et al. 2011 - Time series acoustic observations of macrozooplankton diel migration and associated pelagic fish abundance (Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 2011)

D. Lemon et al. 2013 - A Low-cost Calibration Facility for High-Frequency Acoustic Backscatter Instruments (Oceans 2011)

M. Salmi et al. 2011 - Behavior of methane seep bubbles over a pockmark on the Cascadia continental margin (Abstact only) (Geosphere Nov, 2011)


S. Rousseau et al. 2010 - On Turbulence Production by Swimming Marine Organisms in the Open Ocean and Coastal Waters (Journal of Physical Oceanography, 2010, Vol 40, No. 9, pp. 2107-2121) (Abstract only)

A. Kaltenberg et al. 2010 - Timing of forage fish seasonal appearance in the Columbia River plume and link to ocean conditions (Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2010, 419, pp. 171-184) (Abstract only)

K Benoit-Bird et al. 2010 - Integrated measurements of acoustical and optical thin layers II: Vertical scales of association>(Continental Shelf Research, 2010, Vol. 30, Issue 1, pp. 29-38 )(Abstract only)

Borstad et al. 2010 - Long Zooplankton Time Series With High Temporal and Spatial Resolutions (Oceans 2010)


G. Borstad et al. 2009 - Monitoring of Zooplankton vertical distribution and abundance with acoustic water column profilers (Cuba 2009)

A. Kaltenberg et al. 2009 - Diel behavior of sardine and anchovy schools in the California Current System (Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2009, 394, pp. 247-262)


D. Lemon et al. 2008 -Comparison of Acoustic Measurements of Zooplankton Populations Using an Acoustic Water Column Profiler and an ADCP (Oceans 2008)

K. Benoit-Bird et al. 2008 - Diel variation of zooplankton distribution in Hawaiian waters favors horizontal diel migration by midwater micronekton (Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2008, 367:109-123)


D. Lemon et al. 2007 - Inverted Echo Sounder on a Cabled Observatory (Oceans 2007)

R. Saunders et al. 2007 -Intra-annual variability in the density of Antarctic krill (EUPHAUSIA SUPERBA) at South Georgia, 2002–2005: Within-year variation provides a new framework for interpreting previous ‘Annual’ estimates of Krill density (CCAMLR Science 2007, Vol.14, 27-41)(Abstract only)

T. Ross et al. 2007 -Simultaneous acoustic observations of turbulence and zooplankton in the ocean (Deep Sea Research, 2007, 54:143-153)(Abstract only)


E. Kunze et al. 2006 Observations of Biologically Generated Turbulence in a Coastal Inlet (Science 2006)

A. Brierley et al. 2006 -Use of moored acoustic instruments to measure short-term variability in abundance of Antarctic krill (ASLO 2006)


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D. Lemon et al. 2001 - The Acoustic Water Column Profiler: A Tool for Long-term Monitoring of Zooplankton Populations (Oceans 2001)


W.  Cartier et al. 1999 - A digital programmable high resolution 200khz water column profiler (Oceans 99)


D. Topham et al. 1995 -WASP: A Self Contained Upward Looking Echo Sounder (Oceans 95)

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