Operational Oceanography and Aquaculture

ASL has a long history of working with the marine aquaculture industry. Current and wave measurements at fish farm sites go back to 2000 and have continued to the present. Much of the work has been on the BC coast but in 2017-2018 34 sites were measured on the south shore of Newfoundland. Work has also included circulation studies at shellfish sites.

Largest Lease Pool in Canada

ASL has the largest lease pool of oceanographic equipment in Canada. Included are 50 ADCPs, more than 50 acoustic releases, over 40 CTD’s, and tens of temperature, DO, and chlorophyll loggers. Other items include cages, frames, beacons, acoustic releases, and many others. This large pool of equipment allows us to respond quickly to large multi-mooring deployments and provide spare equipment to increase flexibility and mitigate risk. 

ASL offers three main areas of expertise to the aquaculture industry:

  • Current and wave measurements
  • Circulation modelling
  • Remote sensing

Current & Wave Measurements

• ADCPs provide full water column velocity profiles, not just -15 m, mid and +5 m
• Better input to depositional models
• Moving boat “transects” provide circulation map of area  

Circulation Modelling and Area-Based Ecosystem Management

• Hydrodynamic circulation modelling
• ASL and Fisheries and Oceans Canada have developed a high-resolution, hydrodynamic model of QC Strait/Sound, including the Broughton Archipelago. When coupled with a biogeochemical component it can be used to help address issues such as virus dispersion and sea lice.   

Remote Sensing

• Satellite imagery to map chlorophyll/algae
• Sea Surface Temperature (SST)
• Higher resolution data available, e.g. aircraft, drones
• Sea ice distribution 

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