Mooring Frames and Cages


Single Instrument Bottom Frames:

Gimballed Bottom Frame
Light-weight, collapsible, optional leg extensions for stability.

Mini Bottom Frame
Simple and deployable from small boat.

Diver Serviceable Bottom Frame
Instrument pod attaches to permanent base.

Trawl Proof Bottom Frame
Low profile, ice impact and trawl proof.

Multi Instrument Bottom Frames:

For use with RDI Sentinel ADCPs; can be taken apart for shipping & is very stable and easy to deploy.

Tripod Bottom Frame
Easily configured; multi sensor.

Multi-Instrument Bottom Frame
Designed for strong currents.

Taut-Line Moorings

Cage Design
Specifically designed for the Model AEM-USB logger-type current meter manufactured by Alec Electronics co. Ltd. Printable brochure

Dual Purpose Cage Design
Specifically designed for the ASL Ice Profiler in a full pressure case or the Workhorse ADCP with external battery pack from Teledyne RDI. Printable Brochure


Mooring Frames

Printable Brochure


Reasonably priced

Field-proven designs

Corrosion resistant aluminum construction

For large or small boat deployments

Gimbals, trawl proofing


Well suited to ADCP and similar sized pressure case

Trawl proof bottom frames