Equipment Leasing

Wave and Tide Guages (non ADCP)

Check our lease equipment pdf for a full list of equipment.

(photo) ASL 420 kHz Wave Sonar; 150 m range. Uses acoustic range to surface for direct measurement of water level/wave height. 2- month battery pack included
(photo) RBR Ltd. Virtuoso Wave & Tide gauge large battery capacity, 1-6 Hz sampling, 25 m range.
RBR Ltd. XR-420TG Tide gauge 90 m working depth. Averaging for wave removal. Comes with temperature sensor.
RBR Ltd. TGR-1050P Tide gauge, 20 or 50 m working depth. Averaging
RBR Ltd. DR-1050 Submersible pressure gauge 0-90 m range. [no averaging]