Equipment Leasing

Water Quality

Check our lease equipment pdf for a full list of equipment.

(photo) RBR Ltd. XR-620 CTD (740 m max) with optical 4330 Optode Dissolved Oxygen (6 sec response), Seapoint Turbidity & Fluorometer. Comes w/ SS cage
Plastic cage for RBR CTD’s (no effect on inductive C-cell
(photo) RBR Ltd. XR-420 CTD+Optode DO (300 m max) with optical 3835 Optode Dissolved Oxygen (25 sec response)
(photo) RBR Ltd. XR-420 CTD Light and compact
RBR Ltd. Concerto CTD Light and compact
RBR Ltd. Concerto CTD+Tu. (740 m max) With Seapoint turbidity sensor. Fast, 6 Hz.
RBR Ltd. Concerto CTD w/ Paros Pressure (700 m)
RBR Ltd. Concerto CTD+Rinko DO. Fast thermistor; 6 Hz sampling
RBR Ltd. Concerto CTD. Fast 6Hz; Twist On/Off; Wi-Fi
RBR TR1050P Temperature Loggers.
RBR SOLO-T Temperature Loggers
(photo) SeaBird 37SM(P) CTD
(photo) JFE Advantech Alec Compact CLW-USB logger w/ Chlorophyll, turbidity & temperature. (250 m max) With wiper
JFE Advantech Alec AROW2-USB Rinko DO logger w/ temperature. With wiper.
(photo) Campbell Scientific - D&A Instrument Co. OBS-3A Turbidity Sensor self-contained for moored or profiling; w/ pressure. [s/n125, 0-2000 NTU, 0-40 m] [s/n126, 0-1000 NTU, 0-90 m] [s/n180, 0-1000 NTU, 0-190 m] 25 & 30 m cables available (call)