Shallow Water Ice Profiler (SWIP)

Technical Papers

What is the Relative Importance of Frazil and Anchor Ice in a Freezing River and Do We Have the Measurement
Tools and Data to Answer that Question? (ResearchGate March 2017)

In Situ Anchor Ice, Frazil and River Ice Cover Development: Perspectives from Acoustic Profile Studies
(ResearchGate Jan 2017)

Laboratory Measurements of Acoustic Backscattering from Pseudo-Ice Particles (CRIPE 2013)

Analyses of 2011-2012 Four-Frequency Peace River AZFP Data (CRIPE 2013)

The Ice Regime of the Koksoak River at Kuujjuaq, Quebec: Formation and Consolidation Processes (CMOS-2012)

Seven Years of SWIPS Measurements, Applications and Development: Where, How and What Can the Technology Do for Us (CRIPE 2011)

A comparison of simulated and measured lake ice thickness using a Shallow Water Ice Profiler (Hydrological Processes 2011)

Arctic Lake Monitoring System (AXYS Technologies poster including ASL SWIP, 2011)

Measurement of a Frazil Ice Thickness on Ice-covered River using SWIP (River technical papers, 16 June 2010)

Acoustic detection of ice and water velocities on the Peace River during the 2008-2009 Winter (Presented at IAHR 2010)

Progress in Shallow Water Ice Profiling Sonar (SWIPS) for River and Lake Ice Monitoring (Presented at IAHR 2010)

Frazil Monitoring by Multi-frequency Shallow Water Ice Profiling Sonar (SWIPS): Present Status (Presented at IAHR 2010)

Acoustic Detection and Study of Frazil Ice in a Freezing River during the 2007-2008 Winter (Presented at IAHR 2008)

Acoustic Detection and Study of Frazil Ice in a Freezing River during the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 Winters (Presented at IAHR 2008)

Realtime monitoring of ice thickness and growth from seafloor - mounted upward -looking sonar instrumentation (POAC 2005)

Instrument for Detecting Freeze-up, Mid-Winter and Break-up Ice Processes in Rivers (13th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers 2005)

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