Equipment Leasing

Acoustic Releases, Deck Boxes & Modems

Check our lease equipment pdf for a full list of equipment.

Benthos/Datasonics acoustic transponder UAT-376EL
(photo) Benthos/Datasonics transponder interrogator DRI-267A; provides range & bearing; diver or surface readout (via cable to ACU-266 or Pocket PC - extra)
Benthos transponder receiver deck box ACU-266
RuggedReader Mobile Pocket PC
(photo) Benthos acoustic pinger ALP364A/EL 27 kHz, 0.125W
Benthos acoustic pinger ALP364A/EL
(photo) Benthos pinger receiver DPL-275XS for surface or diver use. 5-80 kHz range
(photo) JW Fishers SFP1 acoustic pingers 32 kHz
(photo) RJE Int’l PRS-275 pinger receiver for surface or diver use. 5- 80 kHz range
(photo) Sonotronics ManTrack pinger receiver with omni- and directional-hydrophones. 27-100 kHz.
(photo) Oceanetics Measurement Ltd. pinger receiver 27, 37 & 45 kHz settings. Omni-directional hydrophone
(photo) Sonotronics EMT03AR Tilt-Pingers 37kHz; ping rate switches from 1- to 2-Hz when tilt exceeds 15 degrees. Requires pinger receiver.