Equipment Leasing

Subsurface Floatation, Marker Buoys

Check our lease equipment pdf for a full list of equipment.

(photo) OpenSeas SubsA2 (low-drag torpedo w/ two 12B3 Viny floats). Standard configuration is to hold a TELEDYNE RDI WH ADCP
OpenSeas SubsB3 (low-drag torpedo w/ three 12B3 Viny floats)
(photo) MSI Ellipsoid Buoy EB-F-P5 for WH ADCP Low drag. Holds WH ADCP
Nautilus Vitronex 17” Glass Float with hardhat & Eddy Grip; 57 lb net buoyancy, 6700 m
Benthos 17” Glass Float w/hardhat, 48 lb buoyancy, 6700 m
(photo) Viny Float, 12B3, 20 kg buoyancy, 200 m
(photo) Flotation Technologies M40 For ADCP. Syntactic foam, 1500 m rated, 418 lb net buoyancy
(photo) Flotation Technologies CF-12HD bolt-on cable float. Syntactic foam, 1500 m rated, 6 lb net buoyancy