Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP)

A powerful tool for scientific research and environmental monitoring in oceans, lakes and rivers.

Using onboard data storage, the AZFP can collect data continuously for periods of up to one year at high temporal and spatial resolution. The AZFP is available with up to four frequencies in a single transducer housing. It can be operated in bottom-mounted, upward looking mode or in downward looking mode from a buoy, and is ideally suited for taut-line mooring operation, but many other options available. The AZFP has highly configurable sampling programs.

Examples of simultaneous data at up to 4 frequencies from downward looking AZFP


Dashed line indicates limiting range to detect S V = - 70dB

Deployment Options

Bottom Mooring
Angled In-line Mooring
Taut Line Mooring
Downward Looking from Buoy
Glider and AUV Mounted
* Example of Glider Application
Over-the-side Deployment
CTD Cage deployment

Example AZFP Time Lapse

UAF Ecosystem Observatory

uaf animation

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Ocean Networks Canada, VENUS observatory Saanich Inlet BC

Hourly backscatter time lapse Hourly time lapse
Monthly backscatter time lapse
Monthly time lapse