Teledyne RD Instruments (Product Representative)

ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. has been assigned by Teledyne RD Instruments as the sales representative for British Columbia (BC), Alberta and Alaska. ASL already has a large equipment pool of Teledyne Marine products, which we use for our projects and lease out to customers. This expanded role builds on our longstanding relationship with Teledyne and brings our specialist aquatic knowledge to the sales environment. We work in both the commercial world and closely with research programmes such as Ocean Network Canada, bringing a rounded view to oceanographic studies.

ASL has a wealth of knowledge about the instruments and most importantly, how best to deploy them. Our understanding has been tried, tested and improved over many years and much of our work has been in our assigned sales area. Work in Alaska, has ranged from the Chukchi Sea to Cook Inlet and in BC and Alberta we work closely with LNG engineering companies, large port authorities and local companies such as fish farms. This has extended our experience, deploying gear into river, lake and coastal environments, which can be applied worldwide. Whether you’re acquiring water quality or physical measurements, or wish to deploy moorings, bottom frames or carry out transects, ASL has the knowledge to help you. We can help you chose the best instrument for your application and advise on how to deploy it. We also have personnel to support you in the field and post data processing as required.

Our work and our experience helps us understand your problems and your projects. We believe Teledyne Marine offers some of the best solutions in the world and we’re here to help you meet your goals, so please come and talk to us.

Product lines:

Marine Measurements Product Line (MMPL)

Sentinel V (SV), Workhorse (WH), Doppler Volume Sampler (DVS),
Ocean Surveyor/Observer (OS/OO), Citadel CTD

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