Wave Profiler ™


A highly accurate upward-looking instrument for measuring waves at continental shelf depths.

The Wave Profiler allows the user to measure non-directional wave parameters continuously for long periods of time with high temporal and spatial resolution in deeper water from the safety of an underwater mooring. The instrument is particularly useful for clients who need to measure long-period waves (such as rogue waves or infra-gravity waves), waves in wash and in wakes, and non-linear waves.

Collecting wave data in coastal shelf regions presents many challenges:
    Depths up to 225 meters
    Severe weather conditions
    Extreme wave conditions
    Strong currents
    Marginal ice zones
    Exposure to vandalism
    Heavy vessel traffic
These challenges are easily resolved with the ASL Wave Profiler™, offering a safe and reliable approach to obtaining wave data from the comparatively safe and calm conditions of the ocean bottom. The Wave Profiler™ has evolved from ASL's Ice Profiler™ , an upward looking sonar instrument successfully used for measurements of ice keel drafts.


Wave Profiler ™

Printable Brochure
Technical Papers


Upward Looking Sonar

Operating Frequency 420 kHz
Sampling rate 2 Hz up to 4 Hz
Range up to 225m

Data Storage

8 GB Compact Flash, 16 GB Compact Flash optional


0.17m diameter x 1.1m length

Shipping Weight

37 kg (in ruggedized shipping/storage case)