Mooring Frames and Cages

ASL provides many solutions for your mooring needs. Whether you’re deploying a single instrument or a whole suite, we have a host of designs to suit your requirements.

When you need: 

  • Single instrument bottom frames
    (gimballed, mini bottom frame, diver serviceable, trawl-proof)
  • Multi-instrument bottom frames
    (LowPro 5, tripod, multi-instrument)
  • Taut-line Moorings
    (cage design, dual purpose cage design)
  • Custom mooring design

Mooring Frames and Cage Specifications

• Reasonably priced
• Field-proven designs
• Corrosion resistant aluminum construction
• For large or small boat deployments
• Gimbals, trawl proofing
• Diver-serviceable
• Well suited to ADCP and similar sized pressure case

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