Coastal and Freshwater

Plume and Sedimentation

For over two decades, ASL Environmental Sciences has developed considerable expertise in the mapping and monitoring of discharge plumes with application to:

  • Outflow from hydro-electric dams
  • Industrial plants located on coastlines, major rivers and lakes which discharge effluents
  • Domestic sewerage facilities
  • Dredged material disposal

We have made detailed flow measurement surveys as part of environmental studies concerning changing the operation of hydro-electric dams and the effect of this on important fish or other species. Similar flow measurement surveys have proven useful for studies of effluent discharge from pulp mills, and fish-processing plants and for examining the effects of coolant water discharged from thermal power plants.

We also have the ability to provide detailed and accurate measurements of flows, waves and other water properties as part of coastal sediment studies. Past projects include many studies of sediment transport and dynamics in coastal areas as part of larger scientific or engineering design requirements being addressed by our clients.

Flow Measurement Studies

We offer a variety of name-brand oceanographic and meteorological instruments for flow measurement studies in natural and human-made environments, including ASL's own custom-designed products. These instruments fall under four general categories:

  • Volume-flow measurement
  • Current profiling including detailed mapping of flows at high spatial resolutions
  • Internal-recording current metering
  • Drifting buoys.

Our services include deployment, field operations, data processing and computer modeling.

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