ADCP deployment under ice
Remote sensing analysis (Landsat image of Fraser River plume)
Ice profiler and ADCP mooring to measure ice thickness and movement
Extensive lease pool of oceanographic instruments
Bottom frame mooring recovery using a grapple to drag for ground line
Field work in Arctic environments
Over 35 years of global field work
Helicopter deployments

About Us

ASL Environmental Sciences is a world class company with more than 35 years of experience in oceanographic, acoustic, remote sensing and ice research products and scientific consulting services.

Our products include the well-known, industry standard Ice Profiler deployed in hundreds of locations world-wide.

We provide clients with consulting services including: Flow Measurement, Numerical Modeling, Wave Measurement & Analysis, Sediment Transport and Ice Studies.

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Feature product

Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler
The AZFP™ can monitor the presence and abundance of zooplankton and fish within the water column
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