Teledyne Benthos (Product Representative)

Teledyne RDI

ASL Environmental Sciences Inc. has been assigned by Teledyne Benthos to be the sales representative for British Columbia, Alberta and Alaska. With the addition of Teledyne Benthos instruments, we now offer a broadened range of acoustic releases and modems, flotation, and locators for your metocean projects.

Our experience using Teledyne equipment positions us well for interacting with our sales, services and lease clients. Our scientists and technicians have had extensive experience designing, deploying and recovering simple and complex moorings, often in extreme environments. We are well acquainted with the regions that we represent having worked in shallow and deep marine and freshwater environments from the Chukchi Sea and Cook Inlet of Alaska, to the BC coast and throughout the province and into Alberta. We have worked closely with large port authorities, LNG engineering companies, governments and local fish farms and have provided equipment and mooring designs to give insights into these complex aquatic environments. With this experience, we can help you choose all of the following:

  • the right instruments from our world-class collection;
  • the most appropriate type of mooring (bottom frame, taut-line, custom); and
  • the best way to deploy.

In addition to instrument selection and mooring design, we have personnel to either assist or support your field activities and carry out any data processing you may require. We would be happy to discuss your future deployment plans.

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