Ports and Harbours

Ever increasing pressure to improve efficiency and achieve greater throughput means that ports and harbour authorities need all the help that they can get.

One way to improve performance is to improve port traffic levels, and in order to do this, accurate, real time information on water levels and currents is required.

ASL's extensive experience in oceanographic studies means we are ideally suited to provide products and services that respond to this need. A wide range of instruments utilizing user-friendly outputs together with flexibility in designing custom studies makes ASL your obvious choice when you are looking for solutions in this area.

Some examples of ports and harbour studies are listed below

Marine Terminals

Terminal design often requires a flow survey. Maximum flow speeds are important, as well as the flow direction which often affects the berth alignment. Often wave height and direction measurements are also required.

Current and wave distribution at
planned marine terminal site

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Footing Studys

An ADCP current survey was conducted in Tacoma Narrows during the February 18-19 2000 period of “spring” tides. The current data were required as input for design specifications for a proposed new bridge. The proposed bridge would parallel the existing bridge, with an offset of about 180 feet.


Metocean Study, NW Bioko Island, EG

An metocean measurement program is underway at 6 coastal locations off northwestern Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. At each site, the measurements include current profiles, ocean waves, water levels, and water temperatures. A coastal weather station is also installed and operating. The measurements will span a full one year period, with extensive analysis of the data, to characterize the metocean conditions for input to design of ship loading facilities.