Fall 2018 Newsletter

  • AZFP Food Web Study of Keystone Arctic Marine Species
  • AZFP Used to Detect Fish and Plankton Movement Between Arctic Marine and Lagoon Environments
  • Equipment Leasing
  • ASL Announces Its 2018 AZFP Award Winner
  • New Application of AZFP to Examine the Onset of Hypoxia Using Cyanobacteria as a Marker
  • New ASL Personnel
  • International Conferences

June 2018 Newsletter

  • Glider-Based Ecosystem Study in Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea
  • Field Services and Custom Moorings
  • New Additions to ASL’s Metocean Equipment Lease Pool
  • Raft-mounted Multifrequency AZFP with Cellular Modem
  • NOAA to Use ASL's AZFP in Proposed Strategy to Examine Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Krill in Antarctic
  • Enter ASL's 2018 Early Career Scientist Contest to Win Using the Autonomous Scientific Echo Sounder for Three Months
  • Invited Talk on Water Colour Time Series in Biological Studies
  • ASL Annual Beach Clean-up at Coles Bay Regional Park
  • International Conferences

January 2018 Newsletter

  • Successful Recovery of Marine Arctic Ecosystem Study Mooring Data
  • ASL – The First 40 Years
  • An Oceanographic Study of the Nass River Estuary, BC, Canada
  • US Naval Research Laboratory Plans to Use an Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP) to Conduct Ecosystem Research
  • Gary Borstad’s Invited Talk: History of “Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Canada”
  • Ocean Networks Canada's WERA Radar Detected Tsunami-Like Event Sixty Kilometres Offshore
  • International Conferences

Summer 2017 Newsletter

  • Fraser River Delta Sediment Studies
  • Custom Oceanographic Moorings
  • Fine-scale Foraging Behaviour of Juvenile Pacific Salmon and North Pacific Humpback Whales in BC
  • Current Measurements of Fin Fish Aquaculture Sites
  • Drones for Earth Observation Applications
  • ASL Announces 2017 AZFP Award Winner
  • International Conferences
  • Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter (ASFM) Moves Closer to Engineering Code Acceptance
  • ASFM Flow Measurements Conducted at Wells Dam

Winter 2017 Newsletter

  • ASL at the ArcticNet Annual Science Meeting, Dec. 2016
  • In Situ Anchor, Frazil and River Ice Cover Development
  • Ice and Physical Oceanographic Observations in the Chukchi Beaufort Seas 2008–2016
  • ASL's Ice Profilers Survive Collision with Ice Island and Continue Sampling for Two More Years

Fall 2016 Special Sediment Newsletter

  • Measuring Sediment Processes, from Lakes to Deepwater
  • Water Quality in Florida's Waterways
  • Fraser River Delta: Turbidity Flows
  • Numerical Modelling and Remote Sensing
  • Cooling Water Intake in the Gulf of Mexico
  • AZFP Sediment Detection in the Fraser River Delta
  • ASL Equipment Lease Pool for Sediment Measurements
Ultra Deep AZFP

Spring 2016 Newsletter

  • Ultra deep AZFP to Canary Islands Spain
  • AZFP Award Announcement
  • Multiple AZFP for Ocean Observatories Initiative
  • PhD candidate studies plankton near bowhead whales
  • ASL Ice Profilers to be used to study region Arctic ice
Ultra Deep AZFP

Spring 2015 Newsletter

  • Alaska LNG Terminal Ice Studies
  • Norwegian Polar Inst. Ice Analysis
  • Marine Services in Tanzania
  • Mackenzie River NWT Ice Studies
  • High Res 3D River Modeling BC
  • WERA HF Radar in St Lawrence Estuary
  • Remote Sensing as a Tool for Watershed Restoration in BC
  • Hazardous Sea Ice Characterization

Fall 2014 Newsletter

  • Metocean-Ice Programs
  • Ice Profilers™ to Finland
  • Marine Services in Tanzania
  • Assessment of Reclaimed Areas
  • AZFP™ to study Antarctic silverfish
  • Seven AZFP ™ to Ocean Observatories Initiative

Summer 2014 Newsletter

  • Nares Strait Ice Study
  • Cambridge Bay Underwater Observatory
  • Ocean Data Geoportal
  • AZFP for the Ocean Observatories Initiative

Spring 2014 Newsletter

  • Norwegian Coast Guard to the Rescue!
  • North BC Coast
  • Recent AZFP sales
  • Peace River Management

Fall 2013 Newsletter

  • Detection/characterization of hazardous sea ice
  • Beaufort Sea research project
  • Remote sensing for Yukon Habitats Program
  • New AZFP™ frequency available – 70kHz

Spring 2013 Newsletter

  • Metoceam data synthesis
  • Arctic undersea observatory
  • Remote sensing of salmon lakes
  • Super computer for numerical modeling
  • Arctic special interest group

Spring 2013 Newsletter (Español)

  • Metoceam data synthesis
  • Remote Sensing of Oil Slicks in the Sea
  • Remote Sensing of Reclaimed Mining Areas
  • Ice Profilers are flying off the shelves
  • 3-D Numerical Modeling of Ocean Currents and Sediment Transport in Canoe Pass

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