ASL offers remote sensing and aquatic services expertise to the mining industry.

Remote Sensing Services:

ASL offers hyperspectral exploration for minerals, acid mine drainage, and mine reclamation. We provide customized image analysis of satellite imagery from ASTER and HYPERION, as well as aerial surveys.

The progress of revegetation at a decommissioned mine site can be tracked quantitatively using annual remote sensing surveys.

Long-term series imagery from aerial or satellite sensors support many kinds of land and water quality monitoring studies & help to understand where and what changes are taking place, and to quantify the rate of change.

Vegetation reclamation status at
Highland Valley Copper Mine, British Columbia

Aquatic Services:

ASL has extensive experience in advanced numerical modeling for applications of industrial effluent, cooling water and mine tailings discharges into lakes, rivers, and oceans.

ASL can design, mobilize and deploy moorings for the purposes of measuring and analysing
  • water currents
  • waves
  • ice conditions (draft)
  • conductivity
  • temperature
  • salinity etc.
  • tailing pond feasibility studies
  • dispersion modeling of discharge
  • numerical modeling of flow in potash cooling ponds
  • input into environmental assessment
  • current modeling for planned seaports


Preliminary modeling of cooling water discharge to
Lake Izabal, Guatemala for Klohn Crippen Consultants.

ASL has successfully completed projects for various mining corporations and consultants in Nunavut, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, North West Territories, Washington, Colorado, Guatemala, and Greenland.